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Czech Vamps

My creative side...

On this page, I will post recent parts of Czech Vamps, and maybe some of my artwork.
For now:
When I came back into my room, Quentin was randomly selecting books of mine to look at. He picked up one and chuckled.
"What to Know About Vampires...I suspect you are quite interested in me?"
I blushed. "That' of my friends'. She left it here." I lied feebly. Quentin stared at me for a moment, trying to break through my mental barrier.
"Of course it is." He said condesendingly. He flipped through it quickly. I sucked in a deep breath.
"You're never going to get that strong."
"You won't ever be able to read my mind if I haven't opened up to you." I crossed my arms and blinked. When I opened my eyes, he was standing less than a few inches from my face.
"Maybe I'll make you open up to me."
Some information:
1. Eve Blackman, a sixteen year old girl, lived with her father, Harris, until 2024, when the war broke out in the U.S.. Harris immediately illegally transported her to her mother in Czech Republic while he stayed behind in New York City.
2. Quentin Lastat, age unknown, is just one of the many vampires roaming around the streets of Prague. His only difference is that he is bordering on becoming a "rebel". (Explained in 5.)
3. In 2024, everyone around the world knows English, some better than others. Quentin, for example, knows English, but his first language is Czech.
4. Vampires, demons, and many other frightening things that stories tell about all lurk about the streets comfortably.
5. Now, vampires, or vamps, and demons are teaming up (at least, a majority of them) to pay back the human race for how they exploited them over the many centuries. Quentin is bordering on becoming a “rebel”, a derogatory term for a vampire or demon against the war for a good part of the book.
6. Ever since The Act, an act that was passed in 2018 (or when Eve was 10) that greatly encouraged parents to take their children out of “inappropriate schools” (the government did this because the war started that year and many more soldiers were needed, being as young as 13), teenagers prowl the streets.
7. Told in first person.

Eve moved to the Czech Republic to live with her mother who deserted her and her father. She meets the strange Quentin Lestat, a mysterious teenager who leaves her notes at her window. When she asks to meet him, he reluctantly agrees. His pale skin, thin body, and slick black hair leads her to his secret. But as soon as she's almost opened his shell, American soldiers attack Czech Republic, he disappears for two weeks, leaving no trace of his whereabouts.
Eve will do anything to save Quentin, even if it means dodging the bullets shot by Americans and sneaking into the prisons to do so.
That's just about all I have for that right now. It's a little confusing I think for people who don't live inside my head, but I'll make sure to explain it all.
I did NOT take this picture.